Maintain Social Distancing during Rakshabandhan and Id-ul-Zuha festivals – Health Minister

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Maintain Social Distancing during Rakshabandhan and Id-ul-Zuha festivals 
– Health Minister

Jaipur, July 30. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma called on the people of Rajasthan to maintain social distancing during the forthcoming religious festivals such as Rakshabandhan and Id-ul-Zuha and follow the corona protocol. He said during the festivals, if we remain alert and cautious then the spread of corona could be reduced.

Dr Sharma said that in the next two-three days there are festivals such as Rakshabandhan, Id-ul-Zuha and the end of Shrawan (monsoon) month. In such situations an increase in the movement of the general public is normal. He said that during this, if the general public abide by the guidelines of State and Central Governments then the increasing chain of corona could be broken. He said that it would be better if all Muslim brothers offer namaz at home on Id-ul-Zuha and if all the brothers and sisters adopt social distancing on Rakshabandhan then this step will prove beneficial not only for the family and society but also for the entire nation.

The Health Minister said that during the festivals the general public should decide before leaving the house that they will not go in crowds or groups and will not go to any crowded place. Prior to leaving the house, people should cover their nose and face with a mask and frequently wash hands with soaps or use sanitizer. Children and elderly persons should not be allowed to go out. He said that many times, even a small carelessness can spoil the festival.

Dr Sharma said that the Government is taking all possible efforts to break the vicious circle of corona. Guidelines are being issued through video conferencing at the high level to prevent the spread of corona infection, but an important role is of the general public. If people remain cautious looking to the terror of corona then it would be possible to beat corona in time.


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